Planetary Gear Heads

The manufacturers of our range of VTX precision planetary gear heads and motors have over 20 years experience in planetary gear boxes, support units and slide shafts. Some of their typical applications include robotic arms, machine tools and CNC equipment, as well as solar panels and conveyor systems.

Their planetary gear reducers combine precise low backlash with high rigidity and high torque performance. This is due to all the components of the planetary gear box and casings being cut from solid materials not metal composites. Other benefits from this approach are lighter overall products and improved heat dissipation.

All planetary gear teeth are straight and smoothed (giving better strength than slanting teeth) and all planetary gears are pre-run in for enhanced performance and reliability.

The factory is ISO 9001 approved and all gear trains are 100% inspected at all critical points in production, also backlash is measured at final test and inspection.

With many years of experience in planetary gear motor units, we can advise you on our best standard solution or assist you on a customised design including your choice of motor.

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